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The Gift of your Creative Potential…..The Power of Thought, Action and Emotion.

The change of season, and the glimpses of new growth, can bring a new awareness of our self potentially living our lives in a new way. This can assist us as a powerful catalyst to instigate change.

This brings us to a wonderful place of really questioning what it is that we would like to be experiencing in our life and most importantly how do we work towards getting to this place. Change does not have to be a hard, lengthy or even a painful process. However, sometimes we do hold this belief that change is something of a huge and gigantic trauma and so we can feel wary or even fearful of moving towards something new. To start with, let us examine this belief. Let us just view change as a simple and fluid process of embracing something new.

We may feel that we would like to welcome in a new experience into our life, or that we are searching for something to be different. If you feel that being in your current job is terrible, why not just for today start by thinking how you could view this position as one step closer to what you would like to be doing. If you desire to be in a relationship, instead of enhancing your loneliness, why not begin by seeing yourself in the process of finding love instead. If we are able to think about this situation (or our selves) in a more harmonious way, then we are also able to elicit feelings and emotions that also represent harmony and peace towards it.

Just bring yourself to think of one situation in your life that you do not find yourself totally at ease with. It does not have to be a major situation, just something that feels a little stuck, and maybe an issue that could use a fresh perspective to help you to embrace it. This could be anything from your journey into work, a relationship or family situation, to your decisions about your career.

Just for a short moment, just think of this situation and what emotions it brings up. Now let us change our thoughts towards it. Using the statement below as a template. Create one sentence that would help you to assist in thinking about this situation in a new way. What a great start.

‘I enjoy the feeling of new possibilities in my life. I enjoy being open to changing my thoughts and feelings towards…….. . I now see the situation of……… only with love and peace’.

How did it feel to say that? Good, a little odd (as you’ve only thought the opposite for so long), like it wasn’t true, or maybe like it could be a new way forward. There is no good or bad, we are all just learning and growing, so always be grateful for what the mind tells you, its another step towards being at peace.

Begin by bringing yourself to this new thought statement, every time your mind wanders to your old negative and disempowering thought patterns. This is just like planting a seed, so just let this new seed settle in your consciousness, as a gentle reminder that you are willing to embrace this situation with a fresh perspective.

Now let us address the emotional side of this situation. How do you feel towards this situation? Anger, fear, pain, upset, confusion, concern, joy, frustration?

Let us now take a moment to think of this situation but this time, allow yourself to align with feelings of peace towards it. So, let us just calm first, with a few deep and relaxing breaths, so that we are able to rest. You can close your eyes, and just feel that your deep, slow breathing is allowing you to breathe out any tension or stress. Now just visualise this situation and imagine yourself in it, at peace, see yourself going through the situation calm and relaxed, seeing it resolved and without stress.

To give you an example of the power of your emotions, lets do a little exercise. Allow your mind to focus on something (could be anything) that brings you pleasure. Seek out the pleasurable points of focus wherever you are now. This may be a flower, an item of clothing you like, another person, food. Whatever it is, seek out something that you like. Now focus on it fully and notice the positive feelings that arise.

Again, it is the simple process or how your positive emotions can arise, as your point of focus is on something pleasurable, rather than painful. Imagine now, how you would feel if you only directed your awareness to situations and thoughts that made you feel good.

By learning that if we allow our thoughts to focus on our willingness to change rather than the lack this situation brings, then our emotions and feelings can also change too.

This is the very first step to acknowledging the influence of our own creative potential in change.

Let us now just think of 1 small action or behaviour that you could undertake which would support your new perspective of change. It could be that you write your CV, research into a holiday that you always promise yourself, join a dating agency, take up a hobby or reconnect with a person you have lost touch. A small action, will affect your process of change by sending out signals that you are truly working towards this new place. No longer will frustration and worry effect you as you realise your internal turmoil was initiated by you not acting on your inner desires, rather than actually facing them. A small shift in your thoughts, beliefs and actions can have a dramatic shift on your life.

With love

Spiritual Psychologist – Nicola Phoenix

Next Time- The Gift of Connectedness…How change can involve Embracing rather than Separation.

Psychologist, Yoga Practitioner, Speaker, Writer

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Saturday’s Inspiration – 5 ways to live a more peaceful life

1. Start from the obvious. Surround yourself by beautiful things and people. Did you know that the influence from other people extends to 3 degrees of separation? That means that your life and moods can potentially be affected by your sister’s friends daughter! The same applies to your immediate surroundings where you spend most of your time.
Try to arrange your room/space so that energy can flow freely and undisturbed. Divide your room/space into working/sleeping/relaxation spaces so that each space can be charged with the energy that will help you accomplish different tasks. If you meditate, a sacred space is crucial for a successful and peaceful practice. Even if you feel lazy and tired, sitting in your usual meditation space will uplift your spirit.

2. Do few things but do them well, make your time pass slowly. Wise words from St Francis of Assisi. When rushing and running with endless things to do and stress of not being able to accomplish them all ask yourself if it will matter in 1 year time. 5? 10? Will it matter on your death bed? The quality of life is not related to the amount of things you do, but the depth of your experience – the awareness that you put into it. So relax and sit back – remember we float in the endless Universe and you are just a tiny dust.

3. Love and trust yourself. What is inside, that is also found outside. Wondering why did five relationships in a row end in exact same way or why you cannot achieve your goals and dreams? Love yourself. Surround yourself with love. Remind yourself of importance of this act! You cannot expect the world to love you if you cannot even fill yourself with love. So look at the mirror, say a good old ‘I love you’ and smile to yourself. You are great! Alive, gifted, talented, unique and wonderful being. This is the first day of the rest of your life!

4. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Have vision, intention and meaning – be aware how you are making your steps towards your vision every single day. If you wish something with all your heart, the whole world will help to make your dream come true. Be yourself and always follow your heart – only you know if you are making a progress. After all, we do not have an option but to be ourselves!:)

5. Healthy and simple diet – the best way of feeling…. healthy and simple! (watch this space for more info on alternative diets) There is so much to learn about healthy diet. Unfortunately most of us are raised on refined foods, but it is never to late to make a transition. Be aware how your body’s needs change with the seasons. Swap your refined grains and pasta to wholemeal alternatives – most of the goodness of a grain is in its lobe! Eat more veggies and dark leafy greens (it is the right season!). Cut sugar and coffee – make your deserts at home so at least you know what’s in it. And it is so creative! Make simple meals and chew them well – buono appetito!

Movie of the week: Pan Nalin, Samsara (2001)


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