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Raw chocolate indulgence: best online resources for your Raw chocolate experience


As you probably know, cocoa bean has been valued and used by the native Indian civilizations of South America. Europeans brought the bean in the form of a bitter and stimulating drink to Europe where it was mixed with sugar to counter the bitterness and eventually was transformed into our-day chocolate by the ingenious Swiss chocolatiers.

But stop…. Did we get it all wrong in the first place? Modern chocolate today is primarily sugar, milk, soya emulsifiers, palm oil, roasted (!) cocoa powder and very small amounts (if any) of cocoa butter.

The reviving culture of raw chocolate is bringing back the superpower and health attached to the ‘raw’: unprocessed, not roasted cocoa and cocoa butter rich in nutrients, enzymes, antioxidants, and natural stimulants which increase your serotonin levels hence fighting depression and improving a general sense of well being.

Counter indications? I dare to say none, although remember, everything is good in moderation. I have met many happy raw chocolate lovers that replaced unhealthy breakfast and snacking with raw chocolate.

Sounds good!

I had a good look around the Internet and local health food shops to pick the places where you can easily get your raw chocolate:

The Raw Chocolate Shop is a bit of a raw chocolate hub as it offers the variety from different artisan raw chocolate makers. You will find all favourite chocolates in one place and it is very easy to order.

Rawr Chocolate offers good value chocolate bars both plain and with nuts or superfoods. Also, they sell exquisitely packed gifts and seasonal goods like raw chocolate Easter eggs, Valentines hearts, etc. It is my personal choice today and as I write this blog I am clicking on my cart, ordering 3 bars of delicious chocolate. Over £5 and the shipping is free – it is gotta be done!

Inspiral Lounge is a hub of raw food culture in London with a wealth of expertise in raw chocolates. For that premium taste and superfood-packed artisan chocolate look no further (they have an online shop as well!). They also sell raw (chocolate) cakes, which as they truly say, should be banned – they are so good!

Finally, if you, like me, are willing to go that extra mile and make your own raw chocolate to suit your taste buds perfectly and save a bit of money you may want to check a fun raw Londoner’s blog where you will find a collection of good recipes to start with. The magic of raw chocolate making is its simplicity. Once you know the basics, only sky is a limit and there is plenty of room for creative experimentation. Most recipes don’t take longer than 15 minutes to complete.

There is a plenitude of companies and health food stores selling raw chocolate-making kits these days. But I warn you: they are often quite pricy and come in small quantities!

I personally suggest a reasonably priced online shop at which sources sustainable raw cocoa powder, nibs, butter and a wide range of superfoods in larger quanitities. They are based in London, have been my first choice and the service has been excellent!


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Winter Solstice night or what to do on 21st of December

Since the start of winter in London I have been bombarded by Facebook and email invitations to Essense Winter Solstice Celebration (yes, es-sense). Very excited with the idea that it was invitation/networking-based party with the potential to gather a large number of likeminded Londoners and spiritual types under one roof, me and Dani got 2 late bird tickets and set ourselves to ignore weather conditions outside. Freezing!

Dress code: white and tribal/ethnic – exactly the thing you would expect from the night like that. Just one tiny detail – it is -6C outside and all my pretty party stuff is meant for warm summer nights. So I jumped into low profile warm clothes and exaggerated on tribal make-up. Always a solution!

Did I mention me and Dani were brave enough to cycle 3.5 miles to Brixton and back home battling icy roads and even icier winds? “This is not girly at all!” – I shouted to him on the way, but in my head I was comforting myself with an idea that a) I actively dislike public transport and long waits for night buses b) I can remain loyal to my principles of cycling in London. Hurray! We reached the destination alive.

The problem for a wake-up-early-go-to-bed-early type of person like me is that the solstice celebration is meant to be an all-nighter. Hmm. We were in location at 10 pm hoping that the party would be rolling already. How naïve. By 10pm couple of dozen of organisers and helpers were still buzzing around decorating the place while a few other ‘early birds’ were hanging around in a traditional-English-pub-setting-turned-into-a-hippy-haven with yogi teas, chai and love potions (??). Despite that, there was an overwhelming spirit of a community in the place – I immediately felt at home. People were lovely, friendly, warm-hearted and connected. In these moments I can’t help myself thinking “wow, what a wonderful, organic and ever changing community there is in London!”

Four halls, chillout area, healing area, endless inspirational quotes on the walls…. All home-made and DIY’ed with love.  Bliss, serenity, love, vision, crystals, beautiful artwork, decorations, lights, visuals all mixed up together to create a space for the best day ever to happen. Or at least that’s what the posters from the walls spoke to me. And it wasn’t far from that at all. Chillout area – which I instantly favoured – reminded me of cosy evenings at Buddhafield festival with freshly made chai, raw chocolate infused with good vibrations (like always loads of it), cosy atmosphere, grassroots performers, healers, angels, vegans, seekers, mediums, observers and other spiritual types.  But more importantly, lots of hugs, smiles and catching up with long-not-seen buddies (you would be surprised how many friends of friends which are your friends as well you meet! – neat networks, small world).

And hey, the opening ceremony was absolutely magic! Suddenly half empty hall with dancers here and there was filled and packed with people from all directions. The spiral was quickly and smoothly formed. Love flowing freely in the room, hand by hand we breathed and chanted Ommmm as one, present, bright and powerful. And then – let the party begin! The line-up for the whole night (until 7am!) was impeccable with live performances, DJ’s and both combined.

 People make a party and people were great. Bright, conscious, diverse, embracing and present. Well done to the organisers, the helpers and everyone who were there to be, love and celebrate.

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