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10 ways women can learn to love themselves

By Minna Salami from

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who truly loves herself. No matter what height, shape, hair-type or skin you have, the beauty of a self-loving personality is ultimately reflected in your behaviour. Learning to love yourself is the single most beautifying action, which reflects in how you act and react in any situation; how you speak, carry yourself and interact with other people are all determined by how genuinely you love yourself.

Learn how to meditate

In order to love yourself, you have to connect with the inner you. Set aside some time on a daily basis to simply ‘be’, and truly benefit from the gift of meditation. No woman is beautiful if she is stressed out.

Learn how to keep a journal

Keeping a journal is keeping a recorded dialogue with yourself. You can discuss your fears and woes, but also your successes and joys. The only way to love you is to know yourself. Keeping a journal is an important step in this process.

Learn how to listen to your intuition

Oestrogen is the hormone, which allows women to be especially in tune with our intuitions. As you get to know yourself better, your gut feelings will also become clearer. Listen to the signs that tell you how you feel about things; graciousness lies in the connection between intuition and action.

Learn how to accept your looks

Even supermodels have days when they are dissatisfied with their looks. It’s part of human nature, often as a sign that we are neglecting either our mental or physical health, to occasionally feel unattractive.  Accepting your looks, is a different matter however, and a trait, which will do more for you than any magic potion or surgery can.

Learn how to take care of your body

Your body is your temple; it is the capsule of your soul and mind. Communicate with it, by observing what makes you feel healthy, and strong. Remember that a body, which does not exercise, is a body not fulfilling its function.

Learn how to manage your finances

Whether you can afford a personal bookkeeper or not, staying on top of your personal in- and outgoings is crucial to your confidence. You are an independent woman, you came into this world alone, and to be frank, you will leave it alone. Don’t leave something as important as your finances, in the hands of another person.

Learn how to be kind

As much as we are independent, we are also co-dependent. We need other people in all elements of life, from daily service transactions to friends that we can share our lives with. Kindness is therefore a key to a happy life. As you do upon others, so will be done upon you.

Learn how to enjoy sex

Female sexuality is one of the most over-debated and misunderstood topics of our time. It’s no wonder that many of us begin to think of a sex as a chore, or a conundrum. The key to enjoying sex is in learning that you have every right to express yourself sexually. There is nothing to be ashamed of in asking for what you want in bed.

Learn about your sisters and mothers

Women are like branches of a tree; we have all come to be from the same roots. We are perhaps, even more co-dependant than men, because typically we connect with our emotions rather than our minds. Find out about those particular women that have paved the way for the lifestyle you lead. Starting from your mother, to your grandmothers, to the women that made a difference in your town. These are the mother’s of your mother’s of your mother’s.

Learn how to communicate with God

Whichever God you believe in, there are feminine attributes to your religion, which you particularly should seek out and learn how to use. Every individual woman should find her way to connect to the divine feminine too.


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